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How I recalibrated my Play Arts KAI Mass Effect 3 Female Commander Shepard.

I finally worked up the courage to make the necessary modifications yesterday. To my immense relief, my figure survived the process. I didn’t want to touch the sculpt, so I did my best to replicate my Shepard with a little bit of a repaint to give the figure Braea’s black hair, stronger brows, paler lips, and blue-gray eyes.

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Reflecting on Mass Effect on Shepard Day – a personal retrospective.

If you read my blog at all or know me in almost any context, you know I really love Mass Effect. I’m a total Mass Effect nerd. I had the Normandy on my wedding cake and everything. After watching BioWare’s Mass Effect Retrospective video from PAX East, and reading some of Kotaku’s Mass Effect Week articles recently, I got to thinking about how I got roped into this obsession in the first place. Warning: Mild Mass Effect 1-3 spoilers within.

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Mass Effect: Incarceration (a fan fiction short story).

I’m not usually a writer of fan fiction, and it’s been years upon years since I wrote any fiction at all, but I thought I’d give the contest on FemShep.com a shot because the prompt offered so many intriguing possibilities. This takes place after Mass Effect 2 and before Mass Effect 3, so you have been forewarned of spoilers!

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